Examination / Promotion :

    Periodic tests are found necessary to assess the ingenuity and studious nature of students. It also promotes healthy competition among students and help them to be aware of their own short comings and failures in their study habits, holding on to these principles, we conduct three Unit Test and Two Terminal Examinations. One must not absent oneself from any of these examinations expect when prevented by reason of health, in which case a Medical Certificate may be submitted in advance. These tests cannot be deferred or anticipated to suit individual convenience.

    No re-examination will be conducted in any subject. Absence from or failure in a subject excludes a student from being reckoned for the order of merit.

    Any kind of malpractice in the tests, attempted or intended by any student is punishable with suspension or expulsion from the tests or from school according to the gravity of the offence and at the discretion of the principal.

    The norms of promotion are fixed as per timely directions received from the department of education. Promotion from one class to the other is decided on the basis of the performance in the examinations, satisfactory completion of all assignments and 90 % attendance. A pupil should possess reading, writing and spoken skills.

    The results of the PA & Unit Test and Terminal Examinations will be given to the parents in the Report card, while the Final result of the academic year on promotion or detention will be published in the school website.

    Students failing twice in the same standard or thrice in different standards will have to leave the school. The decision of the management shall be final in this matter.